Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Promotional Videos

Last week I had a couple friends come over for a longer testing session of the game and it now feels like the balancing is almost three fifths of the way there! I just have to balance the final two sectors (8 waves each) and their corresponding weapons so its feeling close now! I do have to admit that its hard to keep my motivation to keep going up so often and so long, have had to a couple days to myself to recuperate in line with my usual work, collapse, work routine.

However during this period of collapse I have managed to produce something I am very excited about, in fact six somethings. Below are six videos of my latest attempts at a promotional video for SDGT but I cannot decide which direction to choose for the backing track so please, suggestions and comments welcome!


Unfortunately I cannot embed videos from Vimeo, which is a shame, so sorry for all the links. I have included one from Youtube since I cannot upload more than 5 videos a week to Vimeo anyway.

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