Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Got an email this morning saying we never got the spot at Eurogamer :( I don't mind it was a long shot anyway, our only video was something I threw together and has at least ten things in it I'm not happy about! I would much rather wait until everything is finished properly rather than be rushed to a deadline.

But with this I have to ask myself..am I ever going to finish this?? I'm already doing a double day (currently 10am till 3am straight) just to keep on top of this and my job but right now coding and balancing this monster is akin to beating a whale to death with a teaspoon. Anyway gotta stay positive so on the brighter side here is a link to the first draft of our boss scene, which I must say I'm really loving!

BTW I still don't have a commercial licence for the track but the standard licence should cover me for this blog :) For anyone interested the original song is here: Corrosion

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Well we just got an email saying the competition to get the spot at the Euro Gamer Indie Arcade is open and needless to say its brown trousers time!

Ive just taken some new screen grabs so Matt can update the temporary site for the game so if anyone wants a look its over here:


Friday, 3 August 2012

So i've been away from development for a while now. I've had to take on another project so my bank balance looks a little healthier (who am I kidding two days ago I had £3 to my name!) and since things have been a bit hectic in my personal life I took this as an opportunity to take break from the game. But at the prospect of a new computer which means I wont have to wait 2 minutes to deploy a build for Every code change, seriously thats what I have been working with until now, I am full of enthusiasm again :D

I just spent the past hour pacing my flat coming up with new ideas and then throwing them down in a email to Matt who will have the joy of deciphering my verbal diarrhoea tomorrow! The result is a new utilities system that gives players a consumable boost that I think will finally get rid of my niggle that the game is missing something.

I still need to finish the boss mechanics but this is getting a priority as if we do get a spot at the Euro Gamer exhibition it will be important throughout the game whereas I feel only the first two boss behaviours will be needed for a good demo.