Wednesday, 13 June 2012

And whilst I am here the first draft of our game description:

Cohabitation has never been easy for the human race. There were always those single minded individuals where enough was never enough and the unobtainable had to be obtained, no matter the consequences. Thankfully after the chaotic collapse of the monetary system the human race finally learned to accept each other and its technology soared, taking them to the furthest corners of the galaxy. But not all races were so fortunate.

During only its first decade in space the humans soon discovered a race of aliens so chillingly single minded and hell bent on domination that war was inevitable. Or so we are told but what do you care? You are the humble owner of the new Galaxy Miner S and all you know is that the human race is back to its deceitful ways, alien ships are tough buggers, minerals are worth something and if an alien sees you mining them it’s going to shoot you. So shoot it back and move on quick before its buddies come back for revenge.

K2 Games proudly presents its debut title S.D.G.T that combines chaotically firing up to six weapons at once at anything that moves with a myriad of talent tree styled upgrade decisions. Learn to manage your power and prioritise your targets to ensure your ship stays in one piece and contracts are met on time so you can retire as a rich man.

So this was my second draft for S.D.G.T's promotional video, thought it would be easier to get an idea of the game from a video.  But as you can see the quality is terrible which was one of the reasons we delayed the competition until next year.
Well I suppose welcome to the development blog of S.D.G.T!

We are hopefully now about 3/4 of our way into development and I thought it was about time to setup a blog, though in hindsight we should probably have done this on day 1!

Today was supposed to be our celebration/relaxing day after submitting to the Dream Build Play competition but we decided the game just wasn't ready yet. It had been a few weeks since me and Matt had properly collaborated on the game and we hadn't properly talked about balancing yet so when we did we had some great ideas for boss and enemy mechanics. Turned out to be a double edged sword since we just didn't have time to get the mechanics into the game in time for the competition and I didn't want to ruin our only chance to submit. Plus the video turned out terribly which I Really wasn't happy about.