Monday, 16 September 2013

Breaking The Silence

Well its been a long time since I have updated this, things have been busy! After S.D.G.T's release I was offered a position with in Macclesfield so I moved down the country and settled down to recuperate my lonely looking savings. At first I thought it would be a temporary transition to moving to Cambridge (so me and Matt could work together) but the area has grown on me so I moved away from my first coke taking, amateur porn star, pot head flat mate (that was, interesting) into a place of my own.

That aside after the move we took S.D.G.T up to Dare Protoplay in Dundee and showcased it to the public to help us make a decision on the future of the project, which was basically do we move to iPad, PC/Steam or start a new IP. The weekend started horribly since our table was double booked and I was late getting there so we lost our spot for the day to another company. Luckily when we did get our spot on the second day our first player just so happened to be looking for new games to publish under their brand... and they loved S.D.G.T! So for the first time that afternoon we sat down with a publisher talking about our thoughts on the direction of the project over a smoothie and landed ourselves a partnership.

So hopefully by April 2014 we should have our first iPad title released under a new name, which we cannot make up our minds on but here are some ideas we are floating around:

Alien Onslaught (Sadly taken)
Space Defence: Alien Onslaught
Laeyron Onslaught
Alien Blaster
Ship Blaster