Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Well I suppose welcome to the development blog of S.D.G.T!

We are hopefully now about 3/4 of our way into development and I thought it was about time to setup a blog, though in hindsight we should probably have done this on day 1!

Today was supposed to be our celebration/relaxing day after submitting to the Dream Build Play competition but we decided the game just wasn't ready yet. It had been a few weeks since me and Matt had properly collaborated on the game and we hadn't properly talked about balancing yet so when we did we had some great ideas for boss and enemy mechanics. Turned out to be a double edged sword since we just didn't have time to get the mechanics into the game in time for the competition and I didn't want to ruin our only chance to submit. Plus the video turned out terribly which I Really wasn't happy about.

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